Linda, Johana, Greg, Brian and RadioWAVES gathered together at FTT’s office yesterday. We reflected on the first half of the year and drafted a tentative plan for the upcoming months. One of the major goals for the meeting is to think concretely and realistically and develop a strategy that is both manageable and effective.

The major change in our project plan is to identity a core group of 10 to 15 Roland Hayes students, who are ready, willing and able to benefit from additional support from RadioWAVES. We aim to work with them exclusively in the upcoming months in the hope that they will develop a sense of ownership of and affect change in their music community.

Our strategy: combine the use of technology and in-person interactions to build relationship with the 10-15.


September 25:  create a Roland Hayes Facebook Fan Page and edit our RadioWAVEVS Group Page, upload individual introduction videos to our Group Page.

September 26: Eric’s visit to Roland Hayes, introducing the Fan Page and Group Page, extend invitations to the 10-15 to our network and encourage them to share something about themselves, ask them to fill out a poll regarding availability and preference.

September 27-30: dividing the 10-15 into 4 or 5 groups and matching them with arts leaders, getting to know each other!

October 2: FTT show at 2, face-to-face interaction with the 10-15.