On September 24th, we had our first working meeting back from the summer. And boy did we get a lot of work done! Not only did the team get together (minus Clifton), but we were fortunate to meet with Greg and Brian! Linda and Johana joined us as well! We all got together at the From the Top offices and got cracking. We reflected on the first half and discussed some of thing new developments that have surfaced. Many good ideas were thrown and the energy was rekindled. After a few ours of discussing new ideas and new approaces, we modified our original project plan to something that we feel is a bit more realistic and easier to manage.

We originally wanted to approach the project from two angles. One was to work with the students to have them develop a sense of ownership and pride for the Roland Hayes. The other approach was to reach out to the community and community leaders and build with them a strong relationship with the school.

After working on the project for half a year we decided that we need to rearrange where we put our focus. We decided to focus on a smaller group of students from the Roland Hayes than what we originally started working with. We feel that it would be extremely beneficial to the Roland Hayes to work with the students that are already passionate and have them help with getting recognition for the school and inspiring their fellow students to follow suit. We are also changing how we get the name of the school out. We decided to do more work on line. We will be creating a facebook fan page to reach out to everyone we know, and give the online community news and updates of whats going on at the Roland Hayes. We will also be working with the students through a closed facebook group to communicate with each other and share our thoughts in a safe and familiar setting.

We feel that after working with the Roland Hayes for the first half of the year, this will be the ideal approach to helping the Roland Hayes and also inspiring the community it is in.