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College/etc. contact…


So in the last few days I have been contacting local colleges, conservatories, and music programs to try and find one or a few people that might like to come in a talk to the kids at RH. They could talk about why they chose music and what it means to them etc.

So far I have responses from…

  • NorthEastern U. Referred to someone
  • NEC, also referred
  • and Harvard- asked students and other faculty and also referred me to a program at Harvard for Boston music outreach
Pretty hopeful in all of their messages and they all liked the program. (I included info about it and links to websites)
sweet. i’ll keep y’all posted. (no pun intended)

September 24 Meeting Brief

Linda, Johana, Greg, Brian and RadioWAVES gathered together at FTT’s office yesterday. We reflected on the first half of the year and drafted a tentative plan for the upcoming months. One of the major goals for the meeting is to think concretely and realistically and develop a strategy that is both manageable and effective.

The major change in our project plan is to identity a core group of 10 to 15 Roland Hayes students, who are ready, willing and able to benefit from additional support from RadioWAVES. We aim to work with them exclusively in the upcoming months in the hope that they will develop a sense of ownership of and affect change in their music community.

Our strategy: combine the use of technology and in-person interactions to build relationship with the 10-15.


September 25:  create a Roland Hayes Facebook Fan Page and edit our RadioWAVEVS Group Page, upload individual introduction videos to our Group Page.

September 26: Eric’s visit to Roland Hayes, introducing the Fan Page and Group Page, extend invitations to the 10-15 to our network and encourage them to share something about themselves, ask them to fill out a poll regarding availability and preference.

September 27-30: dividing the 10-15 into 4 or 5 groups and matching them with arts leaders, getting to know each other!

October 2: FTT show at 2, face-to-face interaction with the 10-15.

Facebook Page! Like it!

On September 24th, we had our first working meeting back from the summer. And boy did we get a lot of work done! Not only did the team get together (minus Clifton), but we were fortunate to meet with Greg and Brian! Linda and Johana joined us as well! We all got together at the From the Top offices and got cracking. We reflected on the first half and discussed some of thing new developments that have surfaced. Many good ideas were thrown and the energy was rekindled. After a few ours of discussing new ideas and new approaces, we modified our original project plan to something that we feel is a bit more realistic and easier to manage.

We originally wanted to approach the project from two angles. One was to work with the students to have them develop a sense of ownership and pride for the Roland Hayes. The other approach was to reach out to the community and community leaders and build with them a strong relationship with the school.

After working on the project for half a year we decided that we need to rearrange where we put our focus. We decided to focus on a smaller group of students from the Roland Hayes than what we originally started working with. We feel that it would be extremely beneficial to the Roland Hayes to work with the students that are already passionate and have them help with getting recognition for the school and inspiring their fellow students to follow suit. We are also changing how we get the name of the school out. We decided to do more work on line. We will be creating a facebook fan page to reach out to everyone we know, and give the online community news and updates of whats going on at the Roland Hayes. We will also be working with the students through a closed facebook group to communicate with each other and share our thoughts in a safe and familiar setting.

We feel that after working with the Roland Hayes for the first half of the year, this will be the ideal approach to helping the Roland Hayes and also inspiring the community it is in.

First Summer Post!

Hey everyone!

I am not exactly sure what to say, because my summer hasn’t really started yet… I have 3 weeks of school left. Including exams. Bleh.


BUT. I have gone to the beach. I went last Friday. but did not tan at all. A tiny bit disappointing. And I didn’t get any pictures.

OH. Wow I am forgetful. I also GOT MY HAIR CUT REALLY SHORT!!! Once I get a good picture i will post it 😉


I hope I see you guys soon,

Carsonnnnnn out

RadioWAVES 5-31-11 Update

Hello world!!! I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the wonderful weather we had the past weekend! Last week was a great week for Roland Hayes and RadioWAVEs.On Wednesday May 24th, Roland Hayes had their high school concert with a 100% attendance from the students! This is tremendous news and a great step forward. Photos of the event will be up shortly for all of your consumption. On Friday May 26th, the concert band of Roland Hayes attended a statewide band festival at Six flags New England. There were tons of funs, music, and general good times. Many of the students had a blast and are looking forward t o be part of Roland Hayes next year!!! I hope everyone has a great week and we will see you soon!


Things that we can try to take pictures of, to tell our story:

-Individuals working on their projects (separately) (like, calling reps, making blogs, creating presentation, etc)

-Talking to students, working with students, students @ concert (maybe include: teachers, parents, etc)

-Picture of where concerts take place, before, during, and after concerts. (During to see how much audience shows up)

(This may be used to see the difference between the number of students NOW, and LATER, to evaluate our impact)


New ideas will be posted!

May 8th meeting

Coming together with all of the arts leaders was yet another inspiring moment. Seeing everyone’s accomplishments and how well we’ve grown as separate teams really gave me a since of pride about my generation. Young people being progressive and working to make changes in communities and lives; i am really proud of my generation! At this meeting each team was responsible for making an artifact box. Everyone’s box looked awesome. It was very interesting how everyone “finessed” their table with food( shout out to Molly for her delicious cupcakes!) I think my group benefited from the feedback given by the other arts leaders. As the summer starts we will definitely keep working and await the June 1st recital at Roland Hayes school of music!!!

May 8th!!!!!!!

So May 8th was our most recent full group meeting and our last until the fall. 😥 As always it was great to see all the other mentors and arts leaders after like forever of not. It was awesome to see how everyone’s project were rocketing by. I personally really learned a lot from Caroline about photography and how to approach the situations the we find ourselves in. The artifact portion of the meeting was so much fun! It was a blast to look through everyone’s box and try to figure out each object meant in relation to the projects. The objects in our box we chosen very carefully to symbolize the things that we had learned so far in our work at Roland Hayes and the work that we were doing. It seemed that we picked them a little bit too carefully, because some were stomped by them. But as with all experiences we learned from it. We learned that we need to document the interactions that we have with the students of the Roland Hayes I.e the interviews and comments. Now that the meeting is over we have to wait an eternity until we see everyone in September.


When I sit down and think about teamwork and what makes an effective team, I think about my NJROTC Drill Team from high school. What made this team successful was each individual knew their role and what it meant to everyone else. Everyone knew that they had a specific role to play and a what time that role would fulfill its purpose. Whether it was to give a command to turn or be the first to turn, each was equally important.

Knowing you have a very important role is crucial to effective teamwork. Everyone on a team needs to take ownership of that role in order for the rest of the team to operate efficiently. The role may seem small and minuscule, but when all the parts are placed together, EVERYTHING has to be in sink.